David is a freelance photographer based in the south-west of Western Australia.

David started his professional career in England, during the era of film and chemical darkrooms as a press and commercial photographer before moving to live in Australia.

Initially working for Kodak in Sydney, he decided to freelance, working on a number of television series and feature films as a stills photographer. It was while working on a television production in Queensland, that he meet Ron and Val Taylor, cinematographers, filming the underwater sequences for the series Barrier Reef that he developed a keen interest in underwater photography.

After moving to Perth on the West Coast he learnt to scuba dive (not a bad prerequisite for taking pictures underwater) and started to hone his skills in this newfound field of photography, while working in the commercial and fashions fields and later as a award winning documentary cameraman.

Later he established a scuba training centre, specialising in underwater photography. During which time he traveled extensively throughout Australia, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, building a diverse portfolio of images from above and below the oceans.

Today, David continues to persue and refine his skills in the fields of nature and travel photography and producing fine-art gallery prints.